What to see or do in Riccione

With its stimulating blend of culture, entertainment, relaxation and shopping, Riccione is a destination that can satisfy every type of visitor. Below are the main things to do and see in the city.

Visiting amusement parks

Aquafan is the most famous water park in Europe, with its water slides, pools and areas dedicated to the little ones. Nearby, Oltremare offers shows, interactive experiences with dolphins and educational activities themed on the environment. Guaranteed fun also at Indiana Golf , a fun miniature golf course among waterfalls and man-made rocks, at the Beach Village , a water park on the beach, and at Riccione Adventure , a theme park with courses suspended among trees at different levels of difficulty and suitable for all ages.

Relaxation at the Spa

Le Riccione Spa are the ideal place for those seeking relaxation and well-being. Thanks to their sulfurous-salty-bromine-iodine-magnesium waters, they offer therapeutic treatments of various kinds but also wellness paths within the wellness center L'Oasi del benessere, accessible for a minimum of 2 hours even with children (minimum age: 6 years old).

Experiencing the beaches

The beaches in Riccione are well equipped and offer all kinds of services: restaurants and beach bars, swimming pools, sports fields, play areas with children's entertainment, and much more. There are also numerous free beaches in the city, found mainly in the southern part of Riccione, and ideal for visitors who prefer a no-cost experience.


ceccarini avenue overview   Viale Ceccarini and Viale Dante represent the quintessential places for shopping in Riccione . Here you will find high-fashion stores, designer boutiques, jewelry stores, as well as souvenir stores, exclusive cafes and restaurants overlooking the promenade. This area, popular for daytime and evening strolls, is also a gathering place for residents and tourists, as well as a starting point for summer evenings that continue on to beach clubs and discos.

Frequenting clubs and discos

Riccione is famous for its nightlife. The offerings are varied, ranging from clubs on the Marano beach, where people dine and dance on the sand, to discos historical in the hills such as Cocoricò, Peter Pan Club and Villa delle Rose. For more intriguing and transgressive evenings there are night clubs and private clubs.

Riccione Country

Riccione Country  This is Riccione's historic center: far from the hustle and bustle of tourist areas, it retains the city's most authentic charm: strolling through the cobblestone streets, you can savor village life, discover craft stores, stop in the typical restaurants to taste Romagna specialties and visit some monuments such as the church of San Martino. Also not far from here is the Agolanti Castle, built between 1324 and 1343 by the exiled Florentine Agolanti family. It became headquarters of the Austrian army in the 18th century and then a farmhouse in the last century, and is now owned by the City of Riccione, which opens it to the public for events and temporary exhibitions.

Territory Museum and Municipal Library

The Weigh Cultural Center houses two interesting cultural venues within it: the Osvaldo Berni Municipal Library , which often organizes events, exhibitions and educational activities for residents and tourists, and the Luigi Ghirotti Territory Museum. Visiting it allows visitors to discover local history from prehistoric times to Roman times. Admission is free; information on times can be found on the city's website.

Villa Mussolini

Built in 1890, the building is a testament to late 19th century seaside architecture. It was the summer residence of the Mussolini family between 1934 and 1943 and has undergone extensions and renovations. Today it is a cultural center and hosts art shows, exhibitions and cultural events.

Villa Franceschi and the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art

Villa Franceschi is an example of the Art Nouveau architecture that characterized Riccione in the early decades of the twentieth century. Its interior is home to the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art , a space that hosts art projects and temporary exhibitions, as well as a permanent exhibition of 20th-century works.


Places of interest
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  • marker Cattolica Aquarium
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