Pet friendly beaches in Riccione

Riccione has a lot to offer those who wish to share their beach vacation with their pet, starting with the pet-friendly beaches, which offer accommodations and services to four-legged friends.

Dog-friendly services and activities at the beach

Riccione's pet-friendly beaches offer many services dedicated to the well-being of animals, including showers, fresh water bowls and walking areas. Depending on the beach establishment chosen, a wide range of services can be found, in some cases including qualified dog sitters and dog trainers to assist owners in managing their dogs on the beach. These services allow dogs to spend their beach vacation safely and their owners to relax knowing that their four-legged friends are well cared for.

Where to go to the beach with your dog

The city stands out for its openness to pets, to which it dedicates several beaches equipped to welcome them. Many bathing establishments offer services designed for dogs and special areas where you can sunbathe with your pets. More organized beaches include Marano Beach 135-136 and Golden Beach 75. Both have ample space for dogs to play and cool off. Marano Beach 135-136 also offers water bowl, welcome gift, free showers, and gated stations for those who want more privacy. Golden Beach 75, on the other hand, has a doggy area with sunbeds and umbrellas tailored for little friends, water bowl, toddler walker with shower and a gadget.

Where can dogs bathe in Riccione?

Beach Ordinance 1/2023 establishes the rules for accepting pets on Riccione's beaches, indicating suitable and equipped areas. To access free beaches with your dog, you must meet certain conditions: have a current health record, be up-to-date with vaccinations, and keep your dog on a leash. Bathing is allowed on free beaches at specific times: from 6 to 7:30 a.m. and 7 p.m. onwards. Here are the animal-accessible free beaches: between establishments 5 and 7, 51-52, 77-78, 132-134, 146-147. More info on the City of Riccione website.

Riccione Pet: a dog-friendly city

Riccione Pet is an initiative that demonstrates the city's commitment to welcoming pets. This project, a collaboration between the Hoteliers Association and the Municipal Kennel, aims to provide pet owners with all the information they need to get around and stay in the city: accommodations, restaurants, pet-friendly beaches, veterinarians, shelters, groomers and more.

Useful tips for a vacation with Fido in Riccione

To make the most of Riccione's pet-friendly beaches, it is important to follow a few simple rules: always keep your dog on a leash outside the walking areas, make sure they have access to shade and fresh water, and respect other bathers. It is essential to carry bags for droppings collection and keep your pet under control at all times to ensure a peaceful and respectful coexistence with the environment and other beach guests. 


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