Cetacea Foundation in Riccione

  • Name: Cetacea Riccione Foundation and Turtle Hospital.
  • Address: Viale Canova, 13 - 47838 Riccione (RN)
  • Contact: 0541 691557 / 3714586027 - informazione@fondazionecetacea.org - foundationecetacea.org
  • Opening: year-round by reservation
  • Schedules: To be agreed upon.
  • Audience: suitable for everyone, especially educational for children and families.
  • Tickets: information available upon request.
  • Accessibility: For information contact Cetacea Foundation directly.
  • Animals: are welcome.
  • Parking: available nearby.
  • Getting there: A14, Riccione exit; bus no. 125 from Fs station or P.le Curiel Navigate with Google Maps
  • Informazioni aggiornate 17 May 2024
Cetacea Foundation in Riccione
The Cetacea Riccione Foundation has been dedicated to the preservation and care of sea turtles since 1988. It is located in the southern part of Riccione, directly on the beach. With its rare combination of scientific research, environmental conservation and education, it is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in marine life and its protection.

Sea turtle recovery center

The recovery center is a state-of-the-art facility for the treatment and rehabilitation of injured or sick sea turtles. Thanks to the efforts of a team of experts and volunteers, these creatures are recovered and cared for with dedication, with the intention of returning them to the sea once they have recovered. The Cetacea Foundation not only provides medical care, but also plays a crucial role in research and conservation, helping to improve the general understanding of these species and the threats they face.

The moment of release

Periodically, turtles are released into the sea at various points along the coast. This is an exciting moment and much attended by citizens and tourists. One of the most exciting and engaging initiatives, in particular, is the release of turtles from Two Sisters Beach. This event, in collaboration with the Conero Ferrymen, allows visitors to witness the touching moment when the turtles, once treated, return to their natural habitat. These releases not only provide a second chance for these animals but also serve as a powerful educational tool, raising public awareness of the importance of marine conservation.

Visiting the Recovery Center

Visiting the Recovery Center is an educational and moving experience, offering a unique perspective on marine life and its conservation efforts. It is also an opportunity to learn more about the biology of sea turtles, the dangers they face in their natural environment, and the actions we can take to protect them. The Sea Turtle Recovery Center can be visited by appointment and periodically organizes educational tours and workshops for children themed on marine biodiversity.


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