Free beach in Riccione

All beaches in Riccione are freely accessible. Most of the beach is occupied by equipped bathing establishments, where it is possible to rent sunbeds and umbrellas at rates that vary from area to area and in relation to the time spent on the beach. However, there are also free, unequipped beach areas that are accessible to the public, where you can stay on the beach for free, perhaps outfitting yourself with your own umbrella. These areas are an ideal option for those seeking a nature experience, perhaps a little less comfortable but undoubtedly freer.

Where are the free beaches in Riccione

Free beaches in Riccione stretch along various points along the coast. Here are the most well-known ones:
  • Marano free beach: located in the northern part of Riccione, it extends north and south of the mouth of the Marano River and is particularly popular with young people because of its proximity to outdoor clubs found in this area. Although free, this beach still offers showers and lifeguard service. There are no bars on the free beach, but there are many clubs, bars and restaurants nearby, so you can safely avoid bringing drinks, snacks or lunch with you. Navigate with Google Maps
  • Piazzale Roma free beach: is located in the central area, right in front of Piazzale Roma and Viale Ceccarini. Spacious and generally busy, offering showers and lifeguard service, it is easily accessible by bus no. 11, on foot or by bicycle, but it is also convenient to reach by car because, despite its central location, it is served by ample underground parking for a fee. Navigate with Google Maps
  • Piazzale San Martino free beach: located in the southern area, near the Riccione thermal baths, between baths no. 51 e 52. Spacious and well-maintained, it is equipped with showers and a beach volleyball court. Bathing is also possible here for pets from 6 to 7:30 a.m. and from 7 p.m. onward. Navigate with Google Maps
  • Fontanelle Beach: south of Riccione, it offers a quieter environment, particularly suitable for families and those seeking relaxation away from the crowds. Very large and conveniently accessible by car, it is especially convenient for those staying at one of the many campgrounds in the area. Navigate with Google Maps

Rules to follow on free beaches

Free beaches, although free, follow strict regulations to ensure a pleasant and safe experience for all. Some of the most common rules include:
  • Prohibition of littering: it is essential to keep the beaches clean, using the appropriate recycling bins.
  • Observance of hours: some beaches may have hourly restrictions, especially at night, to ensure safety and quiet.
  • No camping: camping or setting up fixed structures is not allowed on free beaches.
  • Pet control: although some free beaches accept dogs, you must keep them on a leash and make sure they do not disturb other bathers.

On the free beach with the dog

Dogs on the beach

In Riccione, dogs can access the free beach for bathing, but only in certain areas, such as the free beach between bathing establishments 5 and 7, the beach between bathing establishments 51 and 52, the beach between bathing establishments 77 and 78, the beach between bathing establishments 132 and 134, and the beach between bathing establishments 146 and 147. In these areas, dogs are allowed to bathe in the sea between 6 and 7: 30 am or after 7 pm. Owners are required to abide by a number of rules, including keeping dogs on leashes all the way to the beach and being up to date with required vaccinations. All current rules on pet bathing can be found on the website of the Municipality of Riccione . 


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