Cattolica, what to see and do

  • Municipality: Cattolica, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
  • Getting there: A14 highway, Cattolica exit; FS train station Cattolica-S. Giovanni-Gabicce (P.le Stazione); Rimini-San Marino "F. Fellini" Airport (via Flaminia, 409), bus service ( Start Romagna ). Navigate with Google Maps
  • Parking lots: free and paid (see parking list )
  • Tourist information: 0541 966697 - 0541 966621, iat@cattolica.net . Info Point: Via Mancini, 24
  • Beaches: More than 100 bathing establishments, 3 free beaches, disabled beaches, pet friendly beaches
  • Amusement parks: Cattolica Aquarium
  • Monuments: Church of S. Apollinare, Fountain of the Sirens, Rocca Malatestiana
  • Museums: Queen's Museum with Oratory of the Holy Cross
  • Other places of interest: May Day or Mermaid Square, Queen's Arena, Queen's Theater, Covered Market
  • Informazioni aggiornate 16 January 2024
Cattolica is the Queen of the Adriatic, and like a true queen, it is distinguished by its elegance, well-kept infrastructure, and the lightness of its dancing fountains, which, with their play of water and light, provide evocative spectacles. At least two different dimensions coexist harmoniously in the city: the maritime culture and the seaside vocation, which finds its symbolic manifesto in the Fountain of the Sirens.

Beaches ideal for children and families

This city is among the favorite destinations in Italy and Europe for beach vacations. The beaches are perfect for families, equipped for children and safe. In addition to the blue flag, which rewards water quality, since 2012 Cattolica has also been awarded the green flag by pediatricians because of the well-being these beaches can provide for children. The northern area, between the mouth of the Ventena River and First of May Square, in particular, is distinguished by its well-kept and modern bathing establishments, separated from the hotels by a wooden bicycle promenade that is pleasant to walk along and safe even for young children. This area is home to the most well-equipped and modern bathing establishments with beach pools, hot tubs, sports fields and more. Quieter is the southern area, which runs from Piazzale Primo Maggio to the Darsena. Here the bathing establishments are easier and the waterfront is passable by car.Pool on the beach

Where to eat

Cattolica is famous for its fresh fish, particularly clams, a local gastronomic excellence. This is Chamelea Gallina, a clam smaller than the true clams but very tasty. Those who want to buy them can take a trip to Cattolica's Covered Market, a quaint place where you can find local produce, fish and other specialties.The dock is the place to taste the catch of the Adriatic Sea and typical seafood dishes such as brodetto, fish broth, and mixed grill. It is home to some of the city's most renowned seafood restaurants, such as La Lampara, Il Lamparino, SoBistrò and Gente di Mare.Also many are the pizzerias, trattorias, typical taverns, and pastry shops one encounters while walking around Cattolica. These include Staccoli, a historic pastry and chocolate shop with 3 locations in town, one of which (Via Dottor Ferri 2) is also ideal for cocktails and aperitifs.Here and in the city's other bakeries you can taste and buy Miacetto, a typical Christmas dessert made with dried fruit, honey, sugar, and middlings.Among Cattolica's specialties we also find Bizulà, a doughnut-shaped bread also called "sailors' bread" because in ancient times it was eaten at sea, soaked in wine. Today it can be found for sale in the Tirincanti Bakery, 136 Port Street.

Maritime traditions and the Queen's Museum

A stroll along the dock allows one to capture the fishing attitude of this city. Indeed, Cattolica's history is closely linked to its seafaring traditions, which you can discover today by visiting the Queen's Museum, Cattolica's civic museum. Housed inside the former Pilgrims' Hospice, dating back to the 16th century, it is divided into two sections, archaeological and ethnoanthropological. The former houses Roman and Bronze Age (1800-1500 B.C.) artifacts unearthed during city excavations. The anthropological section, on the other hand, is dedicated to the customs and traditions of the "Sea People." A curiosity: on the bows of Cattolica's historic boats as well as on the walls of some buildings in town are carved the "eyes of Cubia," an apotropaic symbol that was meant to protect sailors by seeing dangers in advance and counteracting evil spirits of the deep.

Cattolica Aquarium and other opportunities for children

A highlight of Cattolica's tourism offerings, theAquarium takes visitors on a journey of discovery of marine life. It includes 4 thematic routes: the Blue entrance is dedicated to. Sharks, jellyfish, penguins and trigons; the Yellow one leads to the discovery of river habitats and the species that inhabit them such as otters and caimans; the Green path focuses on reptiles and amphibians; the Purple path hosts the educational exhibition on insects, reconstructed to scale and enlarged from 20 to 200 times. Inside the Aquarium, it is also possible to have interactive experiences (reservation required) such as watching the feeding of sharks, otters and penguins, which takes place at fixed days and times, meeting reptiles guided by qualified experts, or taking a guided tour behind the scenes of the Aquarium to discover all its secrets.Staying with the sea theme, a nice opportunity for children ages 6 to 12 who are passionate about marine life is to participate in the Become a biologist for a day , a project involving themed workshops on environmental education, marine biology summer camp and boat trips. TheQueen's Museum also organizes summer workshops and educational activities .Finally, not to be missed is a ride on the little train : running from May to September, this means of transportation allows you to observe the city slowly and is especially loved by children. You can use it to get to nearby Gabicce and Gradara or just to take a walk around town.


Places of interest
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  • marker Cattolica Aquarium
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