Metromare for Rimini

The Metromare is an innovative electric-powered public transport system that connects the cities of Rimini and Riccione, running parallel to the coastline and covering a distance of about 9.8 km in 23 minutes. Currently, the Metromare operates along the route from Rimini FS station to Riccione FS station. It includes 15 intermediate stops and rides every 15 to 30 minutes based on time slot (generally more frequent between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. during weekdays and from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. during holidays).

Main stops

Metromare's main stops, in addition to the Rimini and Riccione train stations that serve as terminus, include the resorts of Bellariva, Marebello, Rivazzurra, and Miramare, the Fiabilandia amusement park, and the Miramare Airport stop. In Riccione, before arriving at the station, the Metromare stops in the Marano area, not far from the Beach Village water park, downtown (D'Annunzio Nord, Alba, and Dante stops), a few minutes' walk from the major shopping streets, and at the beginning of the promenade along the canal port (Porto stop).

photo credit: startromagna.co.uk


Within the local public transportation system, the complete route covered by Metromare includes 2 zones: one runs from Rimini Station to Miramare Airport, the other from Miramare Station to Riccione Station. The standard ticket, valid for 60 minutes, allows travel within a zone and costs €1.50. For theentire route, the cost is €2.50 for a ticket valid for 75 minutes, which can also be used on other routes within the zonal validity. Day tickets are also available for €5.00 that allow unlimited travel for 24 hours from the time of validation on the Metromare line for the entire Rimini-Riccione route. Tickets can be purchased at ground-based automatic ticket machines, at authorized retailers such as tobacconists, bars and newsstands, or on board vehicles with a surcharge (coin and ATM/credit card payment). It is, in addition, also possible to purchase tickets through the StarTap app on board and without a surcharge. More information on routes and fares can be found on the StarRomagna website in the dedicated section.

Frequent and fast runs

The Metromare is a faster public transportation solution than other traditional means because it operates on a dedicated lane. Moreover, by providing frequent rides and definite travel times, it is a viable alternative to the car for commuters and tourists, reducing waiting times and road congestion.Metromare

Inclusiveness and sustainability

The Metromare is designed to be an inclusive and sustainable means of transportation. Stations and vehicles are accessible to everyone: passengers with reduced mobility, the elderly, travelers with strollers or luggage. Stops are set up for easy boarding and alighting from vehicles, and the trolleybuses' interior design ensures adequate space for transporting wheelchairs and strollers. The electric drive system contributes significantly to the reduction of CO2 emissions. In addition, by relying on a separate infrastructure, travel times are reduced, encouraging users to prefer public transportation over the use of private cars and further contributing to the reduction of traffic and pollution in the Riviera Romagnola. On the Metromare is, in addition, allowed to carry bicycles and scooters. In this way, the combined use of slow mobility and public transport is encouraged, with beneficial effects on both the environment and a more active lifestyle.

Transport of animals

Metromare allows the transport of animals by following specific rules. Free transportation of guide dogs for the blind is allowed as long as they are kept on a leash. Small and medium-sized dogs may travel on board muzzled and leashed with payment of an appropriate ticket. In the case of other small animals, such as cats, small birds and hamsters, they should be placed in special transport containers. Again, payment of an eligible ticket is required.For more information on other means of transportation in the city visit the Getting There and Getting Around page. 


Places of interest
  • marker Center (Ceccarini/Dante Street)
  • marker Station
  • marker Aquafan
  • marker Cattolica Aquarium
  • marker Fiabilandia
  • marker Italy in miniature
  • marker Mirabilandia
  • marker Overseas
  • marker Rimini Fair
  • marker Palacongressi Riccione
  • marker Riccione Spa
  • marker Riccione Adventure
  • marker Cocoricò disco
  • marker Rimini Spa
  • marker Tollbooth A14 Riccione
  • marker Rimini Airport
  • marker Misano World Circuit M. Simoncelli