Riccione Spa

  • Name: Riccione Spa
  • Address: V.le Torino, 4/16 - 47838 Riccione (RN)
  • Contact: 0541 602201 - info@riccioneterme.it - www.riccioneterme.it
  • Thermal waters: sulfur-salt-bromine-iodine-magnesium
  • Services offered: Spa treatments, wellness center, specific treatments for children
  • Opening: all year round
  • Audience: adults and children
  • Parking: Piazzale Marinai d'Italia, chargeable in summer
  • Getting there: A14, Riccione exit; bus no. 125 from Riccione Fs station and no. 11 from P.le Curiel Navigate with Google Maps
  • Informazioni aggiornate 17 May 2024

Benefits of the Thermal Waters of Riccione

Riccione's thermal waters are. sulfur-salt-bromine-iodine-magnesium. They are, therefore, rich in mineral salts that have proven therapeutic effects on various respiratory, dermatological, and musculoskeletal disorders. These waters are also used for sludge, along with abyssal sea clays extracted from the Tausano quarry in San Leo.

Thermal cures: health and well-being

Mud at Riccione SpaRiccione Spa offers a wide range of spa treatments, including balneotherapy, which uses baths in thermal waters to relieve joint and muscle pain, and mud therapy, where thermal mud applied to the skin releases beneficial active ingredients. These treatments not only promote physical well-being but also act on a psychological level, reducing stress and tension.

The Wellness Oasis

Riccione thermal swimming poolThe Riccione Spa wellness center offers beauty treatments, sensory pathways and massages, all based on the beneficial properties of thermal waters. One of the most popular is the sensory spa path, which includes entry to the thermal pools, sensory showers, vascular path and more. Minimum access is 2 hours and is also allowed for children over 6 years old.

Spa and Children: care and fun

Children's inhalation careThanks to the properties of their waters, Riccione's thermal baths are particularly suitable for the treatment of children and their illnesses. The greatest benefits relate to therespiratory system and dermatological disorders, as well as to disorders of the auditory system such as rhinogenic deafness. Depending on the pathology to be treated, inhalation therapies, endotympanic insufflations or dermatological baths are proposed. Treatments are carried out in agreement with the National Health System and after an admission medical examination.


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