Oltremare in Riccione

Oltremare Oltremare Park in Riccione is the new attraction which gives tourists the possibility to spend plesant days in the land of hospitality while enjoying outstanding journeys across the mysteries of our Earth and Oceans. Situated on the top of Riccione's hill, next to Acquafan, it develops across 110,000 sm and offers guests precious insights into their planet and sea through absorbing educational itineraries. Oltremare is synonymous with adventure, fun and discovery. Interesting attractions include the Dolphins' Lagoon, which stages an exciting theme show, the most important exhibition of sea horses in the world, the Animal Farm, the reproduction of the habitat of the Po Delta, the birds of prey's display, the turtles' hospital, plenty of green paths and the meteor shower.
The park is divided into three main sections: Time Travel, Oceans and Animal Farm.

Time Travel
Oltremare hosts a big Sundial, an ancient instrument which was once used to calculate time. Even if you do not wear a watch, your friends and you can try to guess the exact time taking advantage of this anachronistic tool. It is just only necessary to take into account the shade its big needle (gnomon) projects on the main dial. Ancient instruments and tools are complemented by the historical curiosities hosted by the so-called Time Planet. This section gives tourists the possibility to make an outstanding journey across a corridor leading to 4 rooms, each of them reproducing a particular period of the evolution of life on our planet: 1. The explosion of the matter and the subsequent creation of galaxies, stars and planets; 2. The extinction of the dinosaurs and the appearance of mammals; 3. The melting of glaciers; 4. Climate changes. Time Planet gives guests the possibility to enjoy an outstanding multisensory path across the first 14 billion years of life on our Planet. 
Darwin too offers visitors precious insights into the evolution of life on our planet. This attraction is made up of a glass and iron dome which represents the Earth during the Cretaceous Period, and also hosts charming reproductions featuring different environmental settings (such as the rain forest) and lifestyles. It gathers alligators, giant cockroaches, bearded dragons, Australian diamonds, orchids and prehistoric forests.

The Big Lagoon is Oltremare's pivotal point. It hosts nice mammals, which breathe throug lungs, give birth to their babies and breast-feed them like humans. Dolphins here belong to the bottlenose species, which use their teeth to snatch rather than to chew. Dolphins' acrobatics are able to attract large numbers of visitors, and are always preceded by speeches on natural selection and the telling of myths and legends concerning dolphins. A speaker will illustrate their needs and social life, as well as the stories of the most famous dolphins hosted here, Ulisse and Mary. After the show, guests will have the possibility to spend some hours with the dolphins and take pictures of them under the supervision of skilled instructors.
Oltremare also hosts outstanding reproductions of sharks, ocean sunfishes and whales.

Animal Farm
The Animal Farm gathers both courtyard animals, pets and wild animals, such as cats, dogs, sheeps, hens, goats and ducks, which are the unaware protagonists of the story told by the owner of the farm, the only man taking part in the representation. The Animal Farm offers visitors precious insights into rural life. It gathers more than 90 animals belonging to 19 different species.

Oltremare also offers guests the possibility to enjoy the most spectacular and involving cinematographic experience in the world, since it is home to the state-of-the-art IMAX technology and a 600-sm-large screen, the so-called Tim Imax. Spectators here can discover places they just only had dreamed of: they can make virtual journeys across the space, climb Mount  Everest and explore sea depths. Tim Imax is cinema as you have never seen it.


Oltremare s.r.l
via Ascoli Piceno, 6
47838 Riccione (RN) - Italy

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