Italia in Miniatura in Rimini

Italia Thanks to its 270 scale reproductions of the main Italian and European architectural masterpieces, Italia in Miniatura offers visitors interesting educational paths which are able to entertain both adults and children while giving them the possibility to enjoy amazing attractions.

Interactive driving school: It allows children aged 6 to 12 to discover the rules of the road. Through an innovative system of sensors and signals, which is similar to a real GPS, little speaking cars give children useful suggestions and correct their manoeuvring. Those who comply with the rules get a driving license including their name, picture and score!

Cannonacqua is the ideal place to learn history while having fun! It is a model on a 1:3 scale of Rimini's Castel Sismondo, where towers and battlements are equipped with small water cannons. Everybody taking part in the funny battle will have the possibility to enjoy utmost fun while  sprinkling enemies with water.

Passione rossa: a shining DUCATI MONSTER 695 and a bright red FERRARI “312 SP” are waiting for you on the theme area dedicated to the official merchandising of Ferrari, Ducati and Valentino Rossi. There is also a wide screen displaying absorbing F1, Moto GP and Superbike competitions.

Canoe, the water roller coaster, and SLING SHOT, the giant catapult which throws you 55 metres up in just one second. Those looking for peace and relax can cross VENICE's Grand Canal (built on a 1:5 scale) on board charming gondolas or enjoy the breathtaking MONORAIL. The park is also provided with restaurants, picnic areas and equipped playgrounds for children.

Scatti di storia: Italia in Miniatura offers visitors the possibility to disguise themselves as Roman centurions, Julius Caesar, Leonardo da Vinci or Garibaldi and be photographed: over 40 outfits, backgrounds and theatrical set designs to take outstanding pictures. (For a fee)
Italia in Miniatura also features some special promotions:
  • Double the fun - every ticket gives people the opportunity to enjoy free admission on the following day.
  • Seasonal pass - For endless fun, the seasonal pass allows tourists to visit the park whenever they want!

Tel. 0541.736736

Italia in Miniatura Via Popilia, 239
(S.S. 16 "Adriatica" - Km. 197)
47811 Viserba di Rimini (RN) Italy

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