Aquafan in Riccione

Aquafan Aquafan in Riccione is a giant aqua park provided with modern services and well-equipped facilities. It features a special children's area and plenty of attractions which are able to attract adults too.

Water Chutes and Water Attractions
Aquafan gathers exciting water attractions, such as a swimming pool provided with artificial waves, rapids to be faced on board rubber dinghies, twister, a plunge into transparent tubes, kamikaze (inaugurated in 1991 by Alberto Tomba), a breathtaking water chute provided with a 90-metre-long slide reaching the speed of 70Km/h (pure adrenaline), and plenty of brand new attractions, such as extreme river and speedriul, which attract the lovers of thrilling emotions.

Aquafan - Children's Attractions
Cartoon Network Beach in Aquafan gives children the possibility to play in total safety surrounded by the most popular characters of Cartoon Network, such as the Lion, Cow and Chicken, Courage the Cowardly Dog and many more. Just in the heart of Cartoon Network Beach is Noah's Arch, which gives children the possibility to climb to the top and then plunge into the underlying swimming pool taking advantage of 4 light blue water chutes. The 50-cm-deep Elephant Swimming Pool features a pink elephant-shaped sculpture provided with lively water fountains and three small water chutes.
Antarctic Baby Beach reproduces the North Pole and is dominated by a big white bear and plenty of three-metre-long water chutes.

Water Chutes and many more
Aquafan gathers 3 km of slides, 90 km of pipelines, 700 beach umbrellas and 3000 beach mattresses. And of course over 8000 cubic metres of water. Aquafan is not only a traditional aqua park equipped with water chutes, swimming pools provided with artificial waves and tabooga. It is the ideal gathering place for young people looking for good music, utmost fun and fashion trends.
20 years after its inauguration, Aquafan is still a very trendy place you cannot miss if you are holidaying in Riccione! The atmosphere inside the park is a magic one, since it is the venue for Radio Dj, managed by Linus, a large relaxation area, absorbing entertainment and an excellent catering service. Aquafan does not only offer guests the possibility to experience utmost fun, but also stages interesting events, such as “IKE”, the international competition of breath-held kissing, and “Ipod Fan”, a private area where guests can share music, files and songs thanks to the special Aquafan playlist, rent ipods and buy accessories. In just 100 days a year Aquafan is able to attract over 500 thousand water enthusiasts in Riccione!

Services and Facilities
Aquafan is also provided with lush green areas which give guests the possibility to relax, tan, have quick meals or play in total safety. The 90,000-sm-large park hosts six botanical itineraries which give guests the possibility to go for pleasant walks, have open-air pic-nics or rest enjoying the shade of trees and bushes. Aquafan also provides guests two hundred safe-deposit boxes and one thousand lockers to let them enjoy utmost safety. They just only have to pay 5 euro to deposit their valuables at the information desk situated next to the main entrance to the park.

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Via Ascoli Piceno, 6
47838 Riccione (RN) - Italy

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