The nightclubs and clubs of Riccione

The Besides sea and sun, the key to Riccione's success are its glamorous discos and innovative beach clubs.

The night life of no Italian city can be compared to the one promoted by the Green Pearl of the Adriatic Sea. Prince, Cocoricò, Pascià and Byblos are only some of the most glamorous clubs Riccione gathers.

Over the last few years, historic discos have been complemented by plenty of other clubs promoting night entertainment in the so-called Marano area, such as Beach Café, Mojito, Paradise Beach, Hakuna Matata and many more. They succeded in transferring part of Riccione's summer night life to the beach.

From May to October, every night in Riccione can be spent at a different night club, while in winter night life concentrates on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights.


Bar La Clinica
Via Emilia 68
Tel. +39 0541 642265
Bodeguita del medio
Piazza XXV Aprile
Tel. +39 0541 694150
No Name
Viale San Marino 47
Tel. +39 331 2262269
Viale Dei Mille 16
Tel. +39 0541 694062

Disco pub

Beach Cafè
Viale D'Annunzio 150
Tel. +39 0541 412157
Hakuna Matata
Viale D'Annunzio 138
Tel. +39 0541 641203
Mojito Beach
Viale D'Annunzio 137
Tel. +39 346 5032717
Mosca Bianca
Piazzale Allende 7
Tel. +39 0541 645585


Viale Chieti 44
Tel. +39 0541 605183
Viale Cagliari
Tel. +39 0541 607584

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