Holidays on the beaches of Riccione: beach facilities for summer by the sea

Holidays Beaches in Riccione feature different characteristics and tourists here can enjoy wide expanses of golden sand 24 hours a day both suntanning (heliotherapy in Riccione is available all the year round) and playing beach sports in the well-equipped sports facilities the city boasts.

Riccione offers tourists plenty of sports equipments and facilities, from traditional (and a bit expensive) beach tennis rackets and frisbees (which every year attract plenty of enthusiasts in Riccione on the occasion of the Paganello event) to beach volley and beach soccer fields, as well as the opportunity to experience further beach and water sports ( kitesurfing, canoeing, running, nordic walking and many more).

During the day, children can enjoy plenty of exciting fun opportunities and have fun under the supervision of their parents, while at night beaches liven up and are crowded with thousands of young people. Beach clubs offer them the opportunity to sip tasty appetizers before running wild in the numerous open-air discos the city boasts.

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