Riccione trade shows for collectors

Riccione is the ideal destination for those interested in collecting stamps, ancient coins, telephone cards and further items.

Every year, the Green Pearl hosts both national and international collecting events, such as the International Stamp Fair, the European Trade Fair of Cards, TV Cards and Electronic Coin and the National Numismatic Fair.

The Tourism Palace in Riccione has welcomed the lovers of collecting for over sixty years. Every year, the Green Pearl of the Adriatic Sea, whose accommodation facilities stand out as the best ones in Europe as far as organization and professional competences are concerned, attracts tourists from all over the world. Riccione is currently achieving great popularity because of the numerous collecting events it hosts year after year. Do not miss the opportunity to take part in absorbing stamp-collecting and numismatic events.

These are the main collecting events which take place at Riccione's Tourism Palace in August and September:
  • International Stamp Fair
  • "Europe" International Stamp-collecting Exhibition
  • Postcard Fair
  • European Trade Fair of Cards, TV Cards and Electric Coin
  • National Numismatic Fair
For more than fifty years these important international events have inaugurated the collecting season, showing the most important news and catalogues.

The International Stamp Fair is dedicated to stamps, postcards and further connected items, the International Stamp-collecting Exhibition is dedicated to important historic and artistic stamps and the Postcard Fair is a trade fair displaying both period and contemporary postcards.

The European Trade Fair of Cards, TV Cards and Electronic Coin is one of the most important events in Italy dealing with the exhibition, trade and exchange of cards, TV cards and electronic coin.

Besides being a significant Italian trade fair, Europa Card Show is an important international showcase. It is able to meet even the most demanding international requirements as far as both organization and display are concerned.

Exhibitors can take advantage of a wide range of different stands which are able to suit even their most demanding requirements.

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