Who said that a vacation in Romagna means only relaxation on the beach?
Sport lovers can enjoy lots of activities in this area, both in the sports grounds and in the “beach versions”, available in almost every beach club.
For the thrill-seekers there are the track races, while the fitness lovers will certainly find the gym that suits them best. A special mention goes to the water sports, with sailing, surfing, kite surfing and canoeing, to try a new activity full of fun and physical well-being.
For those loving to watch sports, besides doing them, Riccione will host the Swimming Spring Championship 2014,  one of the most awaited events of the sports season, with lots of events until June, such as the Youth, Junior and National championships.
A lot of special offers are available for the fans, with ad-hoc packages, discounts and complimentary admissions to the sports centers and tracks.
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