Agricultural businesses and open farms in the province of Rimini

Agricultural The perfect opportunity to discover colours and tastes of Emilia-Romagna. “Open Farmhouses” is an important project which involves increasing numbers of visitors every year, who are interested in discovering how a farm works, where food come from and how it is produced.

We advise you should visit farmhouses during this week, but if you flock here in a different period of the year do not hesitate to contact them and book a visit.

240 farms (across the whole of the region) welcome visitors in May. 132 of these are educational farms, 115 deal with organic farming, 90 are holiday farmhouses and 210 directly sell their own produce.

This project offers precious insights into regional farming and its evolution and into the farmers' ability to cope with new demands and to implement their work. Every edition features a wider range of proposals aimed at giving guests the possibility to become aware of our agricultural and food industry and at consolidating the relationship between citizens and the rural world.

The project includes rich and challenging initiatives: guided tours, walks, horse rides and cyle excursions to discover both territory and farming techniques, together with music shows, games, labs and tastings.

“Open Farmhouses” is also connected with “Sites of food” competition, which, after the great success achieved in the previous editions, was added a third section dedicated to children.

Below is the list of some farmhouses situated in the province of Rimini, provided with proper addresses and directions.

BELLARIA - Via A. Vespucci, 76
Mobile: 338/546079 - 334/1132274

Crops: nursery gardening, orchard, vineyard, synergistic garden.
Animals: chicken from Romagna, ass.
Products: grape, cherries, green and flowering plants, wine, seasonal vegetables

How to reach us: at Bellaria roundabout, follow directions to the stadium, continue to San Mauro Pascoli, pass by Santa Margherita Church on the right and continue for 1 km. The farm is situated on the right side of the road.

Direct selling.

Ciola-Stradone - SANTARCANGELO DI ROMAGNA - Via Felsine, 371
Mobile: 349/3564660
Tel/Fax 0541/629720
e-mail: -

Crops: olive grove, vineyard.
Animals: chickens, rabbits.
Products: extra-virgin olive oil, aromatic oils (unique production of “lemon oil”), vegetables in oil, jams, honey, beauty products based on lemon and oil.

How to reach us: from Santarcangelo, take the Provincial Road Uso in the direction of Borghi. After 6 km, in Ciola - Stradone, at the junction to Borghi, turn left and take the first road on the left after the junction.

Farm. Direct Selling. Didactic Farm

SANMARTINO DEI MULINI - Santarcangelo di Romagna - Via C. Fossatone, 333
Mobile. 335/5367981
Tel./Fax 0541/750049

Crops: cherries, almonds, peaches, grape, cereals, persimmons, jujubes.
Animals: courtyard animals
Products: jams, seasonal fruit, hand-made baskets and toys.

How to reach us: From Rimini, take Marecchia cross-sectional road; in San Martin dei Mulini turn right in Via Tomba and continue along Via Fossatone 333.

Integrated production. Direct selling. Didactic farm.

S. CRISTINA - Via S. Cristina, 142
Mobile: 340/4610310
Tel. 0541/767025

Crops: vineyard, orchard, olive grove.
Products: strawberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, figs, melons, broad beans, jujubes, apples, jams, oil.

How to reach us: from Rimini, take the SP 69 (Via S. Cristina) in the direction of Verrucchio. At km 13, turn left. From Via Marecchiese turn in the direction of S. Paolo, continue until the junction, then turn right. After about 1 km,turn left at the cemetery. Bus No. 16 (Bus Stop in front of the church).

Integrated Production. Direct selling. Didactic farm.

Mobile: 329/7464106
Tel. 0541/756325; Fax 0541/ 759658

Crops: seasonal vegetables.
Animals: Thai pigs and courtyard animals
Products: candied pumpkin, pumpkin mustard, artistic pumpkins

How to reach us: from Rimini, take the clearway to San Marino up to Combipel -leather store- and turn left at the traffic lights. Keep going until you reach a small bridge which takes to Via Marago.

Integrated production. Direct selling. Didactic Farm

Mobile: 339/3738214
Tel/Fax: 0541/729101

Crops: vegetables, legumes, grape.
Animals: courtyard animals.
Products: Mula D'Oro wines, broad beans, peas, oil, honey.

How to reach us: From S.S. S.Marino Monte, turn left at the traffic lights situated next to Potitos shopping centre. Keep going until Cerasolo Church, turn left (Via Pedrone) and continue along Via Dell'Olmo.

Integrated production. Direct selling.

MONTESCUDO - Via Montevallecchio, 8
Mobile: 339/8502327; 339/7269508
Tel/Fax: 0541/388692

Crops: bee farm, lavender.
Breeding: bees.
Products: different varieties of honey, royal jelly, propolis, lavender essential oil.

How to reach us: from the main provincial road, take Via Montescudo and turn right to Faetano at Pian della Pieve. Follow Marano road up to Vallecchio and then continue along Via Montevallecchio.

Organic farming. Direct selling. Didactic farm.

CORIANO - Via Bruschetto, 27
Mobile: 348/9108201
Tel. 0541/657308; Fax 0541/657247
e-mail: -

Crops: protected cultivations of meadow mushrooms and pleurotus, vine, olive groves and cereals. Ornamental plants.

Animals: courtyard animals.
Products: fresh and conserved meadow mushrooms, fresh and conserved pleurotus.

How to reach us: the farm is situated about 2 Km far from Riccione Exit, A14 Motorway. Turn right at the little roundabout, take the motorway underpass up to the next stop and continue in the direction of via Bruscheto up to the first road on the right. The farm is situated along the road.

Integrated production. Direct selling.

MISANO ADRIATICO - Via Fagnano, 33
Tel/fax 0541/615648
e-mail: -

Crops: vegetation of the Oasis of the River Conca, walnuts, pears, apricot tree, olive groves.
Animals: bees, herons, roe deers, hares, storks, wild cats, ducks, chickens, roosters.
Products: honey, “nocino” (walnut-based spirit), candied green figs, farmer's liqueur, walnut and quince jams.

How to reach us: halfway between Riccione and Morciano along the river Conca.

Organic farming. Holiday farm. Direct selling..

CORIANO - Via Cà Righetti, 17
Mobile: 338/7644424
Tel/Fax 0541/656464
e-mail: -

Crops: vines, olive groves
Animals: hares, courtyard animals
Products: wine, oil, honey, grappa

How to reach us: once in Coriano, cross the city centre and head to Piazza Mazzini (characterized by two ancient olive trees). The farm is situated about 500 metres far from the square.

Organic farming. Direct selling. Didactic farm.

MONTECOLOMBO - Via Belarda, 494
Mobile: 339/3851125
Tel/Fax 0541/985487
e-mail: -
Crops: olive groves, vines, cereals, hay, onions, orchard.
Animals: chickens, rabbits, pigeons, peacocks, chickens from Romagna.
Products: 4 varieties of extra-virgin olive oil, tomatoes, fennel, herbs.

How to reach us: from Rimini, take via Coriano at the the traffic lights situated along S.S.6; continue up to Croce, then take Via Roma in the direction of Montecolombo. Via Belarda is situated about 1,500 metres far on the right.

Integrated production. Holiday farmhouse. Direct selling. Didactic farm.

MONTECOLOMBO- Via Caneppa, 700
Tel. 0541/985164 Fax. 0541/985124
e-mail: -

Crops: vines, olive groves, orchard, cereals, legumes, vegetables.
Products: DOC organic wines, organic extra-virgin olive oil, flours, jams, spirits, juices.

How to reach us: from Rimini, take Via Coriano SP31. Continue up to San Savino. Take Via Canepa at Lake Montecolombo.

Organic farming. Holiday farmhouse. Direct selling. Didactic farm.

SALUDECIO - Via Valgermana, 352
Mobile: 3203385504 Tel. 0541/850022
e-mail: -

Crops: olive groves, truffles, orchard.
Animals: courtyard animals, chickens from Romagna.
Products: oil, honey and flour.

How to reach us: once in Saludecio, flank the city walls up to Mondaino, turn left in Via Valgermana and go straight on for 300 metres.

Organic farming. Direct selling.

GEMMANO - Via Carbognano, 3
Mobile: 339/4127065 Fax 0541/647298

Crops: wine, extra-virgin olive oil.
Animals: rabbits
Products: oil and wine

How to reach us: from Cattolica's castle, head to Morciano di Romagna in the direction of San Giovanni in Marignano, cross the town and head to Gemmano-Montefiore. At the crossroads, turn to Gemmano, cross the bridge on the right, go straight on and turn behind the Sanctuary.

Direct selling.

GEMMANO - Via Pedaneta, 43
Mobile: 338/9316038 Tel. 0541/985301

Crops: vines, olive groves, cereals, fodder plants.
Animals: cattles, poultry, sheeps.
Products: direct selling of high-quality milk, meat, oil and wine.

How to reach us: from Morciano, take the crossroads to Gemmano, cross the bridge on the river Conca and turn right in via Pedaneta. The farm is situated 500 metres far on the left.

Direct selling.

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